Do you have a training program for new agents?

We do not have a training program for new agents. There are many agencies out there that offer terrific training platforms for new agents. We are not one of those. We specialize in working with seasoned agents, with a book of business, that have been in the financial and insurance services industry prior to joining us.

How do I get started?

Contact us at 919-460-6073 or at for a phone or in-person consultation to begin your journey working with our team.

How long does it take to get contracted and begin selling?

Contracting typically takes less than one month from the time you sign the online paperwork to the point where you have completed all necessary certifications with each company. Most of our contracting is online-based and processed faster than traditional contracting methods.

What licenses are required to work as an independent agent with Carolina Senior Marketing?

As an independent agent in the Medicare services industry, you will need your life and health insurance licenses as well as your Medicare and LTC licenses. If you choose to run your company as an insurance agency, then a State Agency License is required for each state you are conducting business in.

Who maintains ownership of my book of business while I am affiliated with Carolina Senior Marketing?

You, the agent, will own and maintain 100% of your book of business while affiliated with our firm. We will never call, write, or pursue business with your clients for any reason at all. Simply put, they are your clients and yours alone!

What name will I use?

You will use your own name, either as an independent agent or as an agency. We do not license out the Carolina Senior Marketing name for independent use.

Can I have agents that are in my direct down-line?

Yes! We can help you provide a competitive commission structure that allows you to assist agents in your down-line and be compensated for your time and costs associated with bringing on other agents.

Do you offer Health Insurance Benefits?

No, we do not offer coverage on an individual or group basis. However, we do have contracts for many insurance companies that we can provide to you, so that you can sell yourself an individual insurance policy.

How do I order supplies?

We will assist you in that process all year long. We will provide you with a link to request kits prior to the Annual Enrollment Period and thereafter.

How and when are commissions paid?

Every carrier has a different schedule for when they pay first year and renewal commissions. The majority of carriers are set up to pay you commissions directly. We have a schedule of when those pay out and can provide you with an updated version.

How do I submit business?

Every carrier is different, but we will provide you with an Annual Agent Guide with details about the process for each of the major carriers with phone, fax, and customer service numbers for your convenience.