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We are excited to serve your clients with a Special Enrollment Period this year. You can read more about Special Enrollments here.
Please share with your clients that they can expect to receive an email from Jen Thompson or Ashley Wellman within 48 hours.


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  • Communicating with the customer

  • Emailing quotes

  • Applying for plan

  • Applying for ACA subsidy

  • Assisting customer with payment

  • We’ll pay our CSM agents the first-year commission for their referral!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after I submit the quote information?

Our Health Insurance Specialist, Jen Thompson, will reach out to your client on your behalf. She will help them in enrolling in an ACA plan and you as the referring agent no longer will need to be involved in the process. We’ll take care of the rest.

What is the 1st year commission amount?

1st year commissions vary by company.

BCBSNC: $15 per member/per month
BCBSSC: $20 Per member/Per month
Ambetter: $20 Per member/Per month
Cigna: $22 Per member/Per month
Molina: SC -$21 Per member/Per month
Friday: $25 Per member/Per month
United: $25 Per member/Per month
Aetna: $25 Per member/Per month

As a reminder, agents will not receive the renewal commission if clients stay on for more than one calendar year.

Will you be calling my client?

Yes, we will reach out by email and/or phone contact to help quote and enroll your member.

What happens when it's time to renew the plan during the next OEP?

We will take care of the renewal process each November by reaching out to your client to complete their renewal subsidy application and help them select a new plan for the upcoming year.

What qualifies my client for a Special Enrollment Period SEP?

You qualify for a Special Enrollment Period if you’ve had certain life events, including losing health coverage, moving, getting married, or having a baby. If a client has moved, gotten married or added a dependent, they must already have qualifying health insurance to be eligible to choose a new plan.

What happens if I don't fill out the quote form accurately or entirely?

We will not be able to provide your client with an accurate quote in a timely manner. Please make sure this information is accurate by asking the client this information before submitting the request.

How will I know if you were able to speak with my referring client?

We will send you an email letting you know that we have assisted your client when they have completed the enrollment.

Jen Thompson

Ashley Wellman

Life Insurance Referral Quoting

We will pay $200 for your referral!

  • Sending the client the best quote available

  • Comparing plans with the client to find the best fit

  • Submitting applications

  • Walking the client through the underwriting process

  • Assisting the client through the payment process

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...and more!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to do anything else after submitting the quote information?

No, you’re all set! After submitting, Parker Cross, our Life Insurance Specialist, will reach out to your client on your behalf with a quote based off of the information provided. We will walk them through the entire application process!

Do I need to get contracted with the carrier we enroll my client in?

No, since we are enrolling the client you don’t have to get contracted! You will collect the bonus if the client ends up qualifying for and paying for the plan.

How does the referral bonus work?

The referral will get paid out after the client is accepted through the underwriting process and pays for the policy. If the client is rejected during underwriting, there will be no referral bonus.

How much is the referral bonus?

The bonus is $200!

Will you be calling my client?

Yes! We will reach out via phone or email to compare plans, talk through their needs, and walk through the application and underwriting process.

What happens if I don't fill out the quote form accurately?

We will not be reaching out to the client if the form is not filed out in it’s entirety. We need all of the information listed in the form to complete the quote, so make sure it’s all filled out!

How will I know where my client is at in the process?

We will send you emails throughout the process including confirmation emails if the client has either accepted and paid for a policy or if we are not going to be able to help the client.

What lines of life insurance are accepted?

Term, Universal Life, or Whole Life (not including final expense) policies will all be accepted!

Parker Cross