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Medicare Agent Commissions for 2020 – MAPD & PDP

By June 6, 2019January 4th, 2021No Comments
Medicare Agent Commissions

CSM has raised maximum broker commissions for Medicare Advantage and Medicare Part D initial enrollments, 5 years in a row. Get excited, you’re getting a raise!

Medicare Part D Maximum Broker Commissions
Initial commissions increased from $74/member/year to $78/member/year, a 5.40% increase YOY.

Medicare Advantage Maximum Broker Commissions
In Most states, initial MA commissions increase from $482/member/year to $510/member/year, a 5.80% increase YOY.
Renewal commissions increased from $241/member/year to $255/member/year, a 5.80% increase.

CT, PA, DC$542$5745.90%$271$2875.90%
CA, NJ$601$6365.82%$301$3185.64%
Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands$331$3505.74%$166$1755.42%