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AEP 2024: Prep for Your Best Season Ever!

By October 3, 2023No Comments
AEP 2024

The Annual Enrollment Period for 2024 is quickly approaching. Here are a few tips to make sure you’re prepared to serve your clients and have the best sales season yet!

Get Contracted with Your Preferred Carriers

To offer a comprehensive range of options to your clients during AEP 2024, review your portfolio and the carriers and products you sell. It’s important to spend time doing research on the carrier’s plan offerings for the upcoming year to ensure you are providing the best service to your clients! You can talk to our team at Carolina Senior Marketing to discover the strongest options and most competitive plans in your area. Keep in mind that carrier contracting can take several weeks, so make sure not to delay.

Complete AHIP and Medicare Certifications

Before selling for any carriers during AEP 2024, you must complete annual CMS compliance training, commonly achieved through AHIP certification. Some carriers may accept other certifications like NABIP. Our team at Carolina Senior Marketing makes finding these carrier pages with certification instructions through our Agent Hub!

One thing to note is that many carriers offer AHIP discounts when you certify through their online portal. Be sure to take advantage of this if you haven’t already! After compliance training, you’ll need to complete 2024 product certifications for each MA, MAPD, and PDP carrier you are appointed with.

Order and Compile Carrier Supplies for Selling Medicare

Once you’ve passed your AHIP and completed the various carrier certifications, you will be considered ready to sell for AEP 2024!  You can verify your status or confirm your agent writing number with the carrier if you’re unsure. Most carriers allow you to pre-order enrollment kits for the upcoming product year. You can check within the carrier’s broker portals to find pre-ordering deadlines for enrollment kits and submit your orders.

Gather Helpful Carrier Information

Another way to prepare for AEP 2024 is to familiarize yourself with each carrier you’re appointed with before AEP begins. Take the time before the busy season to learn about the carrier’s online tools, support contact information, and enrollment submission processes. Again, our Agent Hub houses compiled carrier pages, carrier “First Looks”,  staff contact information, and other helpful items for your convenience throughout the year, but it is especially convenient during AEP when you need information quickly.

Develop a Marketing Strategy

Lastly, to stand out during AEP 2024, consider developing a marketing strategy that fits your agency’s goals. Consider utilizing digital platforms and social media to reach potential clients online. As an agent, you could create informative content about Medicare options and the benefits of working with an agent during AEP. You could also consider hosting webinars or informational sessions to educate your audience. A well-planned marketing strategy can help you attract more leads during AEP!

As AEP 2024 approaches, insurance agents must be well-prepared to make the most of this critical period. Contracting with preferred carriers, completing necessary certifications, ordering insurance supplies, gathering helpful carrier information, and developing a strong marketing strategy are key steps to ensure your success. With these strategies and the support of Carolina Senior Marketing, you’ll be well-equipped to navigate the challenges and opportunities of the Medicare Annual Enrollment Period!


Carolina Senior Marketing is happy to offer our help along with way to help you have a successful! AEP As a dedicated, proven FMO for the Eastern United States, we ensure our agents are successful in their Medicare and insurance marketing strategy. Call us at (919) 460-6073 to find out more.