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Keys to Organizing a Turning 65 Seminar on a Budget

By August 14, 2023No Comments
Turning 65 Seminar

Turing 65 seminars are an essential component to building a loyal book of business with clients who value your services and to start engaging with potential clients before they turn 65. These turning 65 seminars are an effective way to make relationships and stay budget-friendly. Let’s explore some budget-friendly strategies to cater to individuals turning 65.

Setting Up a Turning 65 Seminar

Don’t worry if your event budget is limited; there are numerous ways to host an affordable T65 event while still achieving success. Planning is key, so let’s guide you on how to appropriately budget for your Medicare seminar.

Choosing a Venue

Consider selecting venues that already have substantial foot traffic in the community for your turning 65 seminars. Not only will attendees be familiar with these places, but you might also find event spaces available at little to no cost. Libraries often offer community rooms for rent, making them an excellent option. Another possibility is local community colleges, which provide large rooms suitable for accommodating a sizable audience.

Additionally, explore restaurants that have separate rooms or spaces for larger gatherings, such as Denny’s, IHOP, or Olive Garden. Many senior living locations may also be willing to host your event and could even provide refreshments.

Factoring Costs

Turning 65 seminars typically cost around $1,000 to $1,500 per campaign, with the potential to meet with clients over multiple days. While this may seem expensive, the investment is worthwhile, as engaging with potential clients in person yields high-quality leads who will trust and value you as their agent. In contrast, traditional direct mail campaigns may not guarantee meaningful interactions with prospects.

Marketing the Event

Promoting your turning 65 seminars need not be a hassle, as there are budget-friendly companies that can handle much of the marketing effort for you. Consider utilizing the marketing team at an FMO that has established a turnkey process, handling invitations via mail, email, and text, as well as managing RSVPs and sending reminders to attendees. At Carolina Senior Marketing, we offer customizable marketing materials that can help increase response rates, ensuring excitement for your event.

Moreover, consider forming partnerships with senior-focused businesses, like senior aides or investment and retirement planners, who might be willing to share marketing costs, benefiting both parties.

Grassroots Marketing

Taking a grassroots approach to marketing can be highly effective, especially when working with a limited budget. Engaging in community outreach and forming relationships with potential clients and other professionals can establish you as a trustworthy agent in the eyes of the community. Consider volunteering at local soup kitchens, retirement communities, or community centers to make yourself accessible and build trust. Placing flyers or business cards on bulletin boards outside local businesses or setting up booths at 

Event Restrictions

As your turning 65 seminar is an educational event, be sure to market it explicitly as such. Include a disclaimer on the invitations, mentioning accommodations for persons with special needs, and familiarize yourself with educational event dos and don’ts to remain compliant.

Remember, hosting an event demonstrates your dedication to prioritizing the care of potential clients, leading to long-term connections and a fruitful return on investment. Community events can also increase awareness of your event and services.

Staying Compliant

Adhering to all Medicare rules and regulations is crucial to maintaining compliance and ensuring your prospects feel comfortable at the event. Make sure to obtain Permission to Contact (PTC) from potential enrollees before engaging in conversations with them. If using a third-party marketing organization, ensure all TPMO requirements are met, including providing clear disclosures to beneficiaries about sharing their information with licensed insurance agents.

When hosting your turning 65 seminars, remember these vital tips for client success. Stay vigilant—carriers might deploy secret shoppers to ensure compliance. Any lapses discovered could lead to severe penalties, even license suspension. Rest easy knowing we’re here to support you every step of the way.


Carolina Senior Marketing is happy to offer guidance and suggestions along the way to make each meeting successful! As a dedicated, proven FMO for the Eastern United States, we ensure our agents are successful in their Medicare and insurance marketing strategy. Call us at (919) 460-6073 to find out more.