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Finding Prospects for Dental, Vision, and Hearing (DVH) Insurance Plans

By November 6, 2023No Comments
DVH Insurance

Are you interested in selling dental, vision, and hearing (DVH) insurance? You might be surprised to discover that your potential DVH clients could already be within your existing pool of Medicare beneficiaries.

DVH insurance is a crucial component of comprehensive healthcare, and many Medicare plans might not offer adequate coverage in this regard. However, this presents an excellent opportunity to bridge these gaps and potentially boost your earnings through cross-selling.

Let’s explore how you can identify potential clients for DVH insurance plans.

1.) Tap into Your Medicare Supplement Beneficiaries

Medicare Supplement insurance plans generally do not cover routine dental or vision services. It’s essential to communicate this to your clients during the quoting and enrollment process. Many Medicare Supplement plan holders may not be aware of this gap in their coverage. To meet your client’s needs and find DVH insurance prospects, you can reach out to your current Medicare Supplement clients and present the option of purchasing DVH insurance through your trusted DVH carriers. Additionally, consider including DVH products as part of your offerings during enrollment meetings with new clients who are purchasing Medicare Supplement plans.

2.) Assess Current Medicare Advantage Beneficiaries

In contrast to Medicare Supplement plans, most Medicare Advantage (MA) plans do include some DVH benefits. However, this coverage is often not comprehensive, potentially leaving your clients exposed to high out-of-pocket expenses for these essential healthcare services. This presents an opportunity for you to recommend DVH products to complement your clients’ MA plans, thereby providing them with the enhanced coverage they may require.

3.) Explore DVH Plan Replacements

Another way to prospect DVH clients, especially if you’re already involved in the DVH insurance market, is by looking at your existing book of business for opportunities for DVH plan replacements. Consider recommending a new DVH plan to clients who already have one in place. Whether it’s about lowering premiums or improving benefits, your clients will appreciate your dedication to finding the best options for their unique needs.

One notable advantage of proposing DVH insurance replacements is that ancillary products like DVH insurance can be sold throughout the year, rather than being limited to specific enrollment periods. This flexibility allows you to stay in touch with clients outside the Annual Enrollment Period.

4.) Initiate Conversations About DVH Coverage

It’s always important to be honest with your clients about what certain plans offer and what they do not. Don’t hesitate to engage your clients in discussions about the benefits of supplemental DVH coverage. Many may not be aware that their Medicare plans lack comprehensive coverage for dental, vision, and hearing services. By starting these conversations, you not only have the opportunity to increase your commissions but also provide your clients with more holistic healthcare coverage.

5.) Leverage a CRM Tool

Utilizing a client relationship management (CRM) system is another great way to find DVH insurance clients. Identifying potential clients who could benefit from a supplemental DVH plan becomes much more straightforward with the help of a reliable CRM. When you use a CRM you can access secure shared client records, where you can store clients’ personal, health, and historical plan information. This information can be invaluable when following up with your MA or Med Supp clients and assessing their specific healthcare needs, helping you determine if a DVH plan would be a valuable addition to their existing Medicare coverage.

In the world of insurance, opportunities abound, especially when it comes to dental, vision, and hearing DVH plans. Your existing Medicare book of business is a goldmine for potential clients looking for enhanced coverage. By targeting Medicare Supplement and Medicare Advantage beneficiaries, exploring DVH plan replacements, initiating DVH conversations, and utilizing a CRM tool, you can not only expand your business but also provide your clients with the comprehensive healthcare coverage they need. It’s a win-win situation for both you and your clients, offering a path to financial success and improved well-being.


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