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How to Find an FMO That Actually Cares

By February 4, 2022January 27th, 2024No Comments
Well, First, What Is an FMO and How Do I Find the Right One?

An FMO, or Field Marketing Organization, can do a lot for your independent insurance agency. Put simply, the right FMO works between you, the insurance agent, and the insurance carrier to provide better products for your community and better marketing to reach new clients.

An FMO like Carolina Senior Marketing (CSM) can provide insurance agents with creative marketing and business development – including recruiting, contracting, licensing, training – at no cost to them.

We often hear from our new agents how much better their experience is with us compared to their previous partnerships. Check out what our folks have to say here.

Okay, What About the Contract?

A full partnership with CSM competitive commission levels, while giving you the benefits of our full-service creative, agent development, and agent services teams. An FMO like us will help you manage all of your carrier needs for the products you sell.

Whether you are looking to partner with us or another FMO, another key question to ask is, What are the requirements for my business to join your FMO, if any? Some FMOs may require a certain number of agents or years of experience. For CSM, we assess every agency on a case-by-case basis. Curious where you stand? Call us at (919) 460-6073.

That’s Great! Now What Products Do You Offer?       

For you to get the most out of your partnership with an FMO, and to just sell better generally, you should be selling quality insurance products – quality for your clients and for your return in commissions. As your partner, Carolina Senior Marketing would be able to determine with you what your ideal portfolio would look like.

The FMO you choose should be dedicated to supporting you and maximizing your business efforts.

All Right, What Else Should I Consider?

Analyze more critically how the FMO does business. Do they make it obvious that they care about the success and growth of your business? Do they see you as a priority? Do they have systems in place to strengthen your relationships with your clients?

The FMO you choose should be there for you when you have any questions. (On that note, check out our FAQs!) They should prove to be available for you, as well as offer training if there is an area of the market you’re needing help with.

More established FMOs know their way around the block compared to the start-ups. So, make sure you’ve done your research. It may also help your decision to know if they have the resources themselves to fuel your future growth and not just their own.

CSM Is The Right FMO For You
Now Let Me Review My Options

In short, there are choices out there for the FMO you partner with, but only one is right for your business and lifestyle. While making your decision, keep in mind these key questions for your search:

  • Do they keep an open flow of communication?
  • Are their marketing and business support worth it?
  • What sort of carriers and products can they help me with?
  • What does carrier contracting and commissions look like with this FMO?

We’re not the bragging type, but we believe Carolina Senior Marketing is the right FMO partner for you. To all these questions, we would answer: We’re the best in the game in this area. We know this is true because we work with the best independent agents, and we will always put our foot forward first to serve them with excellence.

Hear it for yourself! Check out some of our online reviews.


Ready to move forward? Look no further than partnering with a North Carolina-based Medicare FMO like Carolina Senior Marketing if you’re not already an independent agent with us. Give us a call at (919) 460-6073 or email info@carolinaseniormarketing.com.