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Top 5 Social Media Best Practices for Independent Insurance Agents

By July 13, 2020January 27th, 2024No Comments

As an independent insurance agent, your marketing efforts need social media in the equation. While your audience is likely above the age of 50, it’s a mistake to assume this demographic hasn’t gone digital. Did you know two-thirds of those who are 65 and older are regularly online, and by 2030 one-in-every-five Americans will be over 50? Regularly engaging with them on social media and advertising online is a huge opportunity for you.

Let’s Get Started

If you don’t already have one, create a business social media page! We recommend starting with Facebook and then LinkedIn, making sure this is separate from your personal profile. Both platforms require you to have a personal account first. Lastly, Google My Business is a valuable resource to encourage organic reviews and control what anyone sees when they Google search for your business. Carolina Senior Marketing is here to partner with you. We can help you get the best out of your social pages so you can focus on interacting with prospects.

Communication Is A Two-Way Street

Traditional marketing, like TV and newspaper, only allows one-way communication. Your current clients and prospects now have the chance to get to know you personally on social media, establishing trust and retaining their business. When your posts or ads are published, folks can begin messaging you at any time.

We suggest appointing someone within your agency to regularly communicate with users online, in the comments and in private messages. Responding within a few hours max proves effective in turning over leads. Remember to allow notifications on your phone to keep vigilant. If you’re a single person, start a routine where you practice this daily. Work with your schedule.

Establish Your Voice

Having a clear mission, voice, and tone appeals to every age. Your services are valuable. Use these methods to find direction for your branding.

  • List 3-5 adjectives which describe your business. (For example, Carolina Senior Marketing is creative, innovative, and resourceful.)
  • Write a short story about your business as an independent insurance agent, then ask yourself if social media will help tell this story.
  • Try to write like how you talk: business casual and friendly.

Grab Their Attention

Imagery captures people’s attention most effectively. Use visuals like video, graphics, and photos to better help communicate your social media posts and ads. Video makes up 80% of internet traffic, and research suggests it’s shared 1200% more than text and images together.

Post Often, Remain Relevant

We suggest you engage your audience at least 2-3 times a week, on each social media channel. Quality trumps quantity, but your followers need to hear from you regularly. Become a helpful resource so your content is shared more often. Here’s a few ideas for types of posts to write.

  • Health and wellness tips (e.g. recipes)
  • Motivational quotes
  • Seasonal and holiday messaging
  • Team and family-oriented
  • Product and industry news

Leads are central to your business as an independent insurance agent, and you offer valuable services to your communities. That’s why we work hard to see our agents find success. To get your business on social media effectively, reach out to Carolina Senior Marketing by calling 919-460-6073 or emailing info@carolinaseniormarketing.com. We can help you create your social media pages and get your content up to speed.