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Tech Tips for Selling Insurance from Home

By March 30, 2020January 4th, 2021No Comments

While many agents remember the days when all sales meetings were held face-to-face, times have changed. And in times like these, we’re thankful that technology has made it possible to continue building our business – even as we’re socially distancing.

While the idea of virtual sales may seem daunting, it doesn’t have to be! At Carolina Senior Marketing, we’re here to make the process as seamless as possible. We’ve compiled some of our favorite tips and tools to help you connect with customers, prospects, and team members from home.

Best of all, the skills you’re building now will come in handy long after the COVID-19 pandemic passes. Once you become comfortable with virtual sales, you can:

  • Reach clients who live far away
  • Connect with customers who are disabled or unable to drive
  • Contact new leads

Also – don’t assume your senior clients will be opposed to virtual meetings! Many love using tools like FaceTime to communicate with grandchildren – so they may be more receptive to the idea than you may think. If your client has a smartphone, chances are they are savvy enough to handle a video conference!

Tech Tools for Facilitating Sales

As technology has evolved, so have the features of digital conferencing services.

These tools can facilitate virtual face-to-face meetings, allow you to project a presentation to one or more participants through a webinar-style setting, and even allow for sharing screens – helping you to walk your prospects through the enrollment process, step by step.


Zoom is considered one of the best video conference apps for meetings and webinars.

The program offers group conferencing, one-on-one client meetings, the ability to show documents while speaking, screen sharing, Q&A chat during the presentation, digital hand-raising for questions, and more. Best of all, Zoom operates on your internet browser, so you don’t need to download additional software. Bonus: it can be used on any phone or computer!

Pricing: Zoom has a basic free option for meetings of less than 100 people, and that run less than 40 mins. Need to host a longer meeting? Try their pro plan, which allows you to host meetings up to 100 people for $15 per month. Click here to see their plans.

Zoom Demo: Check out some of these live demos today


UberConference is a great tool for video conferencing and screen-sharing without the need to download any software. You can manage your meeting on your computer, iPad, or iPhone. As the host, you can control your callers by muting them until you’re ready to take questions. For easy integration, you can connect Uberconference to your Outlook or Google Calendar for easy scheduling.

Pricing: UberConference has a free option for up to 10 participants or $15 per month for up to 100. Click here to see the plans.

UberConference Demo: Check out some of their features in this video

Google Hangouts

Google currently offers a free version for up to 250 participants. If you’re currently using a Google app, such as Gmail, this is an excellent option because of how easy the integration is into your email and calendar. You can even record your meetings and save them to your Google Drive.

Google Hangouts is a great tool if you want to meet with less than 5 people — especially if you enjoy the chat feature during a presentation.

Google Hangouts Pricing: Free

Google Hangouts: Take a look at their site for more details

Getting Familiar with e-Applications

Still using paper applications? You might find yourself loving the jump to e-Apps! They are not faster to fill out and reduce the likelihood of human error mistakes, but many companies offer incentives for you to use them. Plus approvals come faster, helping you to get paid faster!

Most e-Applications give your client the option of electronic signatures. Some companies like Cigna also offer phone verification – which is easy, breezy for your clients.

As you can see, working from home can be a perfect time to connect with clients – old and new! Have questions? That’s why we’re here as your North Carolina local insurance FMO. Give us a call anytime at 919-460-6073 or email us at info@carolinaseniormarketing.com.